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Microsoft Store was a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, owned and operated by Microsoft and dealing in computers, computer software, and consumer electronics.


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Electrical Design & Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No innovation or creativity. All lies upfront. Cost cutting all the time with cheap imported alphabet soup of visa categories. Army of clue less managers and few workers. Very less work and lot of useless immigration discussion all the time as every body's priority is to get early in green card process. A US citizen is considered a foreign entity in Redmond, Washington, USA. Cafeteria food is excellent and reasonable priced. Excellent transportation system. Good wifi coverage within the campus."

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Transit and residence are a hassle. Construction makes everything worse. Not many food truck options around. The ones that are around are expensive...talking $10 for a burrito."

Management in Various Orgs (Former Employee) says

"If you want a covertly racist but overtly discriminatory work environment, then this is the place for you. "Growth mindset," "fail fast/learn fast," "assume positive intent," and all the other corporate mantras only apply if you look/act/sound like the majority. Independent thought is curb-stomped out of existence, a vast majority believe themselves to be experts (with egos to match) but are functionally mediocre at best, and mid-level managers run rampant but do very little and have no impact besides taking credit for the work of others. Regardless of how much you bend over backward for people, are genuinely invested in the growth of peers and the overall success of the company, and do your best to operate efficiently, professionally, and mindfully, it is all for nought if you don't *look* the part. Racism itself does not function as a good/bad binary - there are plenty of good people who are fundamentally racist, just as there are bad people who are not. Where racism turns to discrimination is at the point where thought (unconscious or not) turns to action. More often than not, those actions disproportionately affect minorities - all we did to deserve it was show up."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"tech company with 67 stores worldwide. The store has a store manager, and 4 ASMs. There is also a gaming expert and a community expert. The store has 45 employees"


"Liar Liar pants on fire. Gave the best work to other people and leave you starving for credit. Don't work for it even if they pay you a million dollars"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Regret joing the company, a waste of time Low pay and unfair review, team manager treat engineer with different standard and review the work not by how much one contribute but by his personal preference"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful with lots and lots of bureaucracy and politics at every level. Quality of work is not so good in India. Mostly restricted to the UI development."

Concierge Administration - Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I worked from home during this job, and the call center managers monitored everything I did down to how many times I peed throughout the day. No training. You're suppose to come up with answers to complex questions on the fly by using their knowledge base. It really is an inhuman way of treating people. They listened in on every call and counted you down for every little word you spoke or didn't. They marginalize you as a human being, and treat you as if you are a soulless mechanism that needs to be corrected all the time. This only works when other people allow it to work. It's not Microsoft necessary that makes this position horrible, it's the cowardly people who enforce unrealistic goals and treat their fellow man like they don't matter -all for the sake of a dollar."

Sr. Enterprise Architect (Former Employee) says

"very closed to themselves unethical workforce. they ask you to do illegal work for example Lie to the customer. I advise not to work at Microsoft. Unethical management."

Azure/ADFS engineer (Current Employee) says

"was having to do premium support with zero training, everyone there doing support, including long term people would have to google everything to get an answer, I am not sure where the brains of Microsoft are, but they are not in Irving Texas, management was zero help, impossible to become full time, after you 18month contract, you are let go and they would bring in a new group of people to train in how to google support for Microsoft.zeromanagement, hours, guidance, family life"

Senior Server Support Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Like most places in the former-USA, regardless of whether one is liberal or conservative or of their ethnicity -you do not matter, your cooperation, work ethic, accountability all have no value. In the North West, they have just as much hick / redneck or liberal SJW pride as the next fool with US citizenship. At Microsoft if you show your teeth when you smile they say that is a sign of weakness. The USA is full of superficial morons that have no idea how to improve anything, just like Microsoft.ZeroYou get to work in America"

Program Manager/Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Microsoft has a very clear divide between Full time and Contract employees. The reason for this is that the full time employees have free range at the contract employees. We are verbally abused, forced to work well over 60 hours per week with no OT pay, no consistent communication exists and last minute demands are turned into high priority so that they are delivered right away with 0 prep time. The full time employee I used to take direction from would submit report requests at 11:00 p.m. at night and would expect them in his inbox within 2 hours or by 8 a.m. the following morning. None of this of course communicated ahead of time. I had hoped to pursue a full time career but after the abuse I experienced I would never apply to Microsoft again."

Latin American Director (Former Employee) says

"Zero work-life balance. If you like numbers that's the place to be because once you get there you become one. Most of the time you are locked in a room.Work-life balance; Poor leadership"

Global Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Very difficult company to integrate from the outside. No formal training or onboarding provided. Commoditized selling approach, front line is completely disconnected from CEO or executive leader mission of solution selling.Descent payHorrible Culture"

Services Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Quite Frankly, Store 0006 management has their heads up their butts. its all about the customer screw what the employee tells them. Microsoft retail sucks."

Executive Business Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Microsoft is a great place to work. They value work/life balance. Very team based environment. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Great cafeteria."

Hardware Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I have never been treated so poorly at a job, horrible experience being a contractor at Microsoft. Management is horrible, and FTE's (full time employees) are valued more than contractors. A demeaning job that pays well.Looks good on resumeAs a contractor you will be treated like a second class citizen"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"fakesters.. the jobs advertised are not reals. made just to grab money through processing fee and security money. never going to recomend this site to anyone."

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"This company has gotten too big and cannot manage to recruit properly as well as poor management which is awful. They act like they are giving the world such a great product when they really have not changed much since windows 95 lol.They think they're applethey are not apple"

Product Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day will always be a surprise. That was fun at first but after a while, you get tired of the inconsistency. I have learned a lot about Microsoft. Its a great company however, if you are working at this location , Arlington, VA you are going to be miserable. The management is definitely unqualified. They babysit instead of manage. The culture is really relaxed, and that's the problem you can really doing anything you want and sometimes there is some unfairness to the rules and that is shown ASAP. The hardest part of this job is conducting Virtual Reality demos for customers. The best part is when they actually get food its great! You will probably gain 15-20 pounds because they ate always feeding you. But you will lose it all in a month or so because if you care about doing you job correctly, you will get stressed out and lose pounds.FoodManagement, Food Breaks"

S. Houghton says

"If there was zero stars I would not even have given that one star - I won't ever buy a physical product from them again! ASUS TUF A15 Laptop - bought almost 2 weeks ago - remained in pending and didn't ship. After numerous chats and calls and multiple "escalations" with no resolution, acknowledgement or outcome at all, I called again today and asked for a manager who offered to escalate again or to buy from somewhere else if I didn't want to wait anymore! Horrible customer service, no info flow, no one able to give an estimate for shipping date or able to see where it went wrong. To top it all I was given a link to the EU-complaints side for EU-residents calling from the UK...."

Daniel says

"Ordered the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series on the 12 January 2021, didn't arrive till 20th January 2021. Microsoft provided zero commutation and provided me with an invalid tracking number which meant I couldn't track my purchase. I went to Google to see if anyone else had a poor experience and unsurprisingly, I found thousands of posts stating the same problem. Had I known Microsoft were terrible at shipping their products and providing customer support, I never would have made this purchase. Never again will I buy a physical product from Microsoft."

Paul says

"I ordered a laptop that was on sale for a great price. 2 weeks later it still hadn't despatched, even though it was showing as in stock at the time of order. I cancelled and ordered a better machine from Currys PC World for the same price."

wendy Bailey Hughes says

"Ordered 2 products on my credit card, which had plenty of funds available. One product arrived promptly and the other was still pending. 4 days later I received an email saying that my payment method wasn't acceptable!!!! Changed to PayPal and days later the item is still pending. Microsoft contact page just takes you around in circles. Dreadful service, AVOID!!!"

Jamie says

"Shocking !!! Get a grip Microsoft...I buy a gift card for Xbox and yet I can't GIFT IT because it is locked to my e-mail address..Luckily Amazon sorted it and I got my money back but it wasted an hour of my time and I still dont have the top up for Fortnite for my son...Thanks for nothing... No customer service lines either!!!"

Anna says

"Bought a $5000 surface book 3. It over heated. I sent it back. They sent another one. Same thing. I sent that back to and now I've received the third machine and it's also overheating. The lady on the phone last time let slip that they're factories have been closed all year. So what's happening is people are sending their laptops back with issues, and they package them up (not in its proper box) and send them out to the next sucker hoping they won't complain. I'm going to ask for a refund. Wish me luck. To the people who bought their stuff on credit card and didn't receive it. You need to dispute the transaction through your bank. I've done that with other companies and have always gotten my money back pretty quick."

KF says

"THese guys are tough to deal with. Emails get no response and it was pretty hard to find a phone number to get their order error corrected. I will avoid these guys going forward."

Gaurav Pandey says

"These are a bunch of crooks sitting somewhere out of the USA and always create a new case/escalate the case. Take my'll never get a response from them. If you want to return an order, it might take months to get a shipping label. So, just beware. I'm on a call with them right now for a case and it's been more than 3 weeks and at least 10 calls but same output every time. They are again escalating the case. I don't know why they are running the online shopping business if they don't know how to run this business in first place. I had another experience with them on a Xbox one game. The game simply doesn't work. I requested for a digital exchange. No response after 2 weeks. *--update 01/10.. they closed the case without any response Guys.. just run the windows .. plz shut your online store business because you can't."

Ashish says

"Ordered a tablet from the Microsoft Store during Black Friday. It has been more than a month and the order still says pending. Have called up the customer care number multiple times and all they can do is to raise a ticket to the "escalation" team. I was told that the reply would take 3-5 days, but have never received a response from them. When I called back asking for a status, I was told by the customer service representative that I should not call back because if I do call back and they update my case, I would need to wait for another 3-5 days for a reply! timeline for case resolution needs to be given based on when the case was created and not when it was last updated! I am never buying anything from Microsoft again and would strongly suggest others to avoid Microsoft Store as well."

johnny says

"0 stars i give dont ever buy from these scammers they ripe you off then bend you ower and take you, hard, first I order a seagat expansion card from norway they ship it from uk with out clearance papers, so ups sent it back to microsoft but the lost it now I cant get a refund because i need to send product back wicth i never got, i called 20 times the tell me not there fault, I wrote ower 30 emails not 1 response, i ordet a digital game there not work but no refund because i used the game it dont work, but that dont matter to microsoft, dont waste money in microsoftstore they will scam you, but dont bend ower if you did, i startet a lawsuit and i went to bank to tell them i got scammed"

Brian Cook says

"Of i could give zero, i could. Bought 2 unplayable Minecraft games over the past 2 days, tried to do live chat. After 30 minutes, was told I would be redirected to a different department which would take a while. All I wanted was Java edition Minecraft and it has so far cost me nearly £40 and she still can't play it. Terrible info, terrible customer service, terrible experience, but looking at the reviews, no one cares. Thank you Bill Gates. Glad we could line your already stuffed pockets."

Sebastian Diaz says

"I was robbed by @Xbox, that double charged me. After presenting all the bank proofs, they just won't refund me because they don't see the double charge and consider themselves perfect with a perfect payment system. It sucks, my last @MicrosoftStore purchase."

Colin Robertson says

"Ordered an x box one docking/charging station for my son for his christmas stocking. Was told it would be delivered on 22nd December. Payed with PayPal. Item still not shipped on December 26th and I have 2 transactions pending on my bank account for double the amount. Be warned"

DEITY says

"1 star is too much. I couldn't be more disappointed with my purchase of xbox nhl 21 great eight edition....bought as Christmas present for £79.99 and on Christmas morning they put it on sale for half price!!! When money is tight anyway this is a huge slap in the face....well done Microsoft, that's my Christmas day going to be spent thinking of how I've been conned, I guess that's how you make your money, taking the mick of the hard working people. Never ever will I purchase from them again, fuming."

peter says

"I purchased a copy of Office Professional 2013 through my previous work. I need to reinstall Windows 10 again on my laptop as it's running so slow. This means I need to reinstall Office again. I don't have the product key, but I do have the original order confirmation. After discussing it with a customer representative, they suggested that I buy it again!! Shocking!"

Nicholas Barker says

"I had a similar experience to most of the people on here. I ordered a surface pro 7 on cyber Monday and it did not get delivered, because Microsoft had asked UPS to return the product to them. Microsoft then refunded my order without asking me then said they could not give me the same price that I had originally ordered it for. No one knows why the item was requested back and this happened over the period of one month."

E b says

"the worst buying experience in my life in the US item is not delivered and it's a laptop and they don't answer my emails and during phone calls they tell me it's processing for the past 2 months if I can sue them I will"

Emily Stricklen says

"I ordered the Xbox series X on November 10 with a delivery date of December 23rd. The ENTIRE purchase has been a nightmare. Microsoft charged my card and reversed the charge several times, to the point my card was locked. I then received an email that payment method could not be verified and needed to chose an alternate payment method. I called my bank only to find out the payment was approved, but Microsoft refunded the money to my card. I had to add enough money to my microsoft account to make the purchase, as recommended by a representative. I called back once I added the funds to be told it wasn't an option by another representative. I then had to wait for someone to call me, which never happened. I was FINALLY able to use my microsoft balance (Dec 4th) after getting through to a supervisor and was told my purchase was approved and would be delivered by Dec 23rd. Dec 17th, no tracking information. I called for the 10th time to ask what the problem was. The representative told me everything was fine on my order and to expect tracking information on the 20th. Dec 21st, no tracking information. Called and no one knows what happened. So instead of having the Christmas gift I planned for my family, I have to wait for an email from Microsoft which is to be expected after Christmas. DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING ANYTHING FROM MICROSOFT STORE ONLINE. I can honestly say I will NEVER purchase anything from Microsoft again."

Alex says

"I wish I had read these reviews before buying a Surface Pro 7 in November as a Christmas present. I did not receive the product, they informed me UPS had lost it, but then didn't initiate anything, asking for me to call them. When I contacted Microsoft help they wanted me to explain the situation and provide reference numbers even though they were the ones who informede it was lost. I have now called up 5 times and escalated to managers, you can't speak to the escalation team who are the ones actually handling the case, all the same terrible service as described below. 1month on, no updates, no replacement, no refund. Do not buy from Microsoft Store, they are an absolute joke!!!"

Marcin says

"Do not buy from them. Cant get invoice for item bought thru them already spend few hours on phone calls with useless staff that cant send you simple pdf file"

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